Pervert Gets Penis Stuck In PVC Pipe In Malaysia

A sex-starved old man was taken to hospital after spending TWO DAYS with his penis trapped into a PVC pipe.

The 60-year-old had been pleasuring himself with the piece of household equipment at his home in Selangor, Malaysia, last on November 22.

But the 5cm long plastic pipe became stuck on his manhood which began swelling painfully after the blood flow was blocked.

He spent the next 48 hours too embarrassed to ask for help before finally calling the emergency services on on November 25 evening at 8pm.

The man, who lives alone, explained his predicament to staff fro the Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia. He said that he had been trying to remove the pipe himself without success.

Fireman Rosdi Hainan said: ”Eight members and officers from the Sungai Buloh Fire and Rescue Station attended the scene, where the victim was treated. We attended as as soon as we received the report at 8.05pm.

”The victim was said hospitalised after failing on his own to remove the PVC pipe that was stuck in his penis.

”It took us only five minutes to remove the PVC pipe with cutting equipment using a special Air Rescue Ring Cutter (ARRC) and water for lubrication.”

Rosdi said the victim was kept at Sungai Buloh Hospital (HSB) in Selangor to receive further treatment but ”his condition was stable”

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