Personal trainer arrested after ‘breaking Covid-19 curfew and fleeing police’

A personal trainer was arrested after allegedly breaking a coronavirus curfewthen fleeing a police checkpoint.

Traffic police gave chase after noticing the car on the roads after the 10pm Covid-19 curfew on Wednesday night (May 13) in Pattaya, eastern Thailand.

The shirtless foreign man in the silver Toyota Yaris car allegedly sped up and refused to stop at a nearby checkpoint.

He was later intercepted and arrested by the police who searched his car but found nothing suspicious or illegal.

The foreign driver refused to give his information to the police. He reportedly told the police that he is a gym personal trainer.

Police Colonel Khemmarin Pitsamai said the man will be remanded for further interrogation before they will decide on the charge.

He said: “Initially, he will be charged for violating the curfew but we need to question him about his reason for him to be out after the curfew.

“If he is found to have been outside to conduct anything illegal, he will face extra charges.”

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