Pensioner, 79, Dies While Romping With Mistress, 65, In Love Hotel

A 79-year-old pensioner died of a heart attack while romping with his 65-year-old mistress in a love motel the day after Valentine’s Day.

The randy old man, Nai Prayut, met the woman, named only by police as Mrs Chan, outside his local department store in Pathum Thani, Thailand, on February 15.

He ordered a taxi for them both then bought a bottle of beer before checking in to the seedy ‘short time’ hotel just after lunch for a three hour stay.


Despite suffering from diabetes and struggling to walk, Prayut mustered the energy to undress his mistress and strip off himself.

But tragically, before managing to have sex the pensioner ”made three loud noises” then collapsed onto the ground in his black boxer shorts.

Unable to rouse her lover, Mrs Chan called for help. The emergency services arrived with the local police who were pictured questioning the lady over the death.

She told them that she had seen Prayut ”three times before”. She added: ”He was quite sick and suffered with diabetes which caused problems with his legs. But he had a lot of energy for ‘boom boom’.

”We were starting then he made three noises and fell backwards onto the ground. Then I called the staff for help. I am in shock and don’t know why it happened.”

Police took Mrs Chan to the local station but she was later released once cops were convinced that the death was not suspicious. They believe that Prayut died of a heart attack.

Police Lieutenant General Phairat Wannesawat said: ”The elderly man was found in a room which was shielded by a curtain for parking the car. He was dead when police and the rescue foundation volunteers arrived at the scene.

”Initially, Mrs Chan was taken to the police station for investigation and then released. We suspect the death was caused by a heart problem.

”The body has been taken to hospital to find the true cause of death and will then be released to his family for a religious ceremony.”

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