Pattaya Police Hunt Tourists In Ruanchy Pool Party

Police were today hunting tourists who were filmed romping with a Thai woman at a raunchy pool party.

Hundreds of revellers attended the event at a hotel next to the beach in  Pattaya on Saturday night.

But footage of one holidaymaker simulating sex with a bikini clad woman in front of cheering guests sparked outrage.

A second clip shows a guest in a sailor’s hat appearing to perform oral sex on the same woman while music blears in the background. The clip has the Thai words ”having sex” written on it.

Officers from the city’s police force were handed the videos and launched an investigation yesterday accusing the party of ”damaging the reputation of the city” and ”causing people to view the area negatively”.

They visited the upmarket A-One Royal Cruise Hotel today and vowed to prosecute the two men in the footage and the filmer. They face fines of 1,000 baht each.

Police Colonel Apichai Krobpetch said: ”I have seen the video clip of this event and it is not appropriate.

”Although the woman is wearing a swimsuit it is still obscene and they are guilty of creating a pornographic show.

”The photographer and the people in the video will be referred to a prosecution for obscenity.

”The investigation will now focus on three sections: the organisers, the hotel owner and the people in the video.”

Footage taken today shows police chief’s from the city’s main station inspecting the pool and surrounding areas while talking to the hotel executive chairman Somchai Ratanopa.

They quizzed the hotel manager who blamed ”foreigners” who rented the venue for their party.

He said revellers paid 1,100 baht (26gbp) to attend the Kolour Beachside Party which ran from 3pm until 11pm on Saturday.

The bash is described online as offering ”cutting edge electronic music in uniquely transformed event spaces that raise the bar for quality…”

But police claim that the event has harmed the image of the notoriously seedy holiday city – which is home to more than 10,000 prostitutes. Officers have been tasked with cleaning up the coastal resort which has been known since the 1960s as one of the world’s biggest sex destinations.

Police Colonel Apichai Krobpetch said: ”What happened in the video was obscene. This can bring the image of Pattaya into disrepute and cause people to view the area negatively.”

Hotel manager Somchai Ratanopa admitted that the clip shows the hotel and blamed ”foreigners who had rented the venue”.

He said: ”The event was arrange and this was the second time the specific group had used the hotel.”

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