Pattaya Gogo Dancers Fighting In Walking Street

A group of sex workers start fighting in the street and have to be separated – by an elderly tourist.

The lap dancers began arguing in the early hours of this morning in Pattaya, Thailand, after one of them started a new job at the GoGo bar – and got all the attention from customers.

Jealous colleagues turned on her and the dispute spilled out onto the street after closing time as four or five colleagues ganged up on new girl Kamonwan Lapmala, 21.

Kamonwan, wearing a black dress, suffered cuts and scratches on her arms and legs as other dancers turned on her, pulling her hair and kicking her.

A passing grey-haired reveller had to step in to calm them down as crowds gathered to watch and a policeman held one of the girls back.

Onlooker Tivakorn Kitamanee said: ‘’They were fighting outside and all gang up on the new girl. She was drunk and wanted to carry on the argument.

Pattaya gogo dancers having a fight on Walking Street

Pattaya gogo dancers having a fight on Walking Street

‘’The old man had to be a ‘referee’ and stop the fight with the police. A lot of people were watching, but it wasn’t a dangerous fight.

‘’It’s a competitive business because every girl wants to make money. The new girl came and took all the customers at first. The other girls were jealous.”

Pattaya City Police said the injured girl, Kamonwan, was treated at Banglamung Hospital for her minor injuries.

The other alleged attackers fled at the scene but would be interviewed later when they returned to work, police added.

Assistant city law enforcement officer Teerapol Phengrat said: ‘’The dispute was on Walking Street it was busy with a lot of tourists.

‘’The argument was between a small number of women who will be investigated to stop this happening again. Tourists can feel safe here.’’

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