Pattaya Beach Road Hookers Rounded Up In Vice Crackdown

Dozens of street sex workers were rounded up and taken to the police station in Pattaya on Tuesday evening.

The women were collared by police in a vice crackdown after being seen dressed proactively and loitering on the Beach Road area waiting for passing tourists.

Some were wearing short mini dresses and high heels while others had hot pants and revealing tops. They were piled into police pick-up trucks and frog-marhed to the station.

Officers took the details of the women and tested them for drugs before they were released. The efforts are part of the infamous tourist hotspot’s plan to clean up its image and attract more families.

Police Chief Apichai Krobtech said: ”We have been successful in preventing crime. We check all of the details of the women and add them to a database. We can then quickly identify offenders if a tourist has a problem.

”Pattaya is a family resort and tourists can feel safe that the police will prevent crime and assist them.”

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