Parrot Races A Motorcycle

This is the incredible moment a man riding a motorcycle has a high-speed race – with his pet PARROT.

Khun Ken, 28, was riding the 100CC motorcycle down a country road when the Macaw – named Fly – begins flying at the side of him.

Using one hand to steady his bike, he grabs his smartphone on a selfie stick and begins recording the incredible scene while travelling at almost 40mph.

The energetic blue and yellow parrot continues flying by his side before moving upwards – hovering within a few inches of Tong’s hair before LANDING briefly on his head.

Two-year-old Fly joined him for the incredible race for another 60 seconds before disappearing over the roofs of nearby homes.

Remarkably, Fly has developed a talent for racing motorcycles and now does it regularly with near their home in in Pathum Thani, Thailand.

The Macaw follows Ken when he goes on his motorcycle

The Macaw follows Ken when he goes on his motorcycle

Ken with his beloved pet parrot

Ken with his beloved pet parrot

Ken said: ”The first time this happened I was riding away from home on my bike and Fly started following me. Even when I kept picking up speed he would stay next to me.

”Now he does it regularly and he can even land on my head sometimes while we are out together. We race together a lot now.

”For me my bird is the the most beautiful thing in the world. I know him better than anybody else. We’re best friends.

Ken named his pet Fly

Ken named his pet Fly

”If I’m feeling slow and tired , he will use the energy to pick me up a a lot more than normal. So I look at the symptoms he’s always been you. Look.

”He flies out to meet me and he is waiting for me when I get home. If he’s tired, he’ll be next to me.

”He loves flying with me and it’s amazing exercise for him. He is so happy to fly with me and I’m the only friend he has.”

Macaws are native to South America but Thailand’s tropical climate means they are often kept as pets.

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