Parasailing Crash On Koh Larn Beach

A parasailing tourist comes within inches of disaster after narrowly missing a lamppost – then landing on a woman’s SUN LOUNGER.

The Indian man had gone up on the device strapped to a local operator yesterday afternoon on Koh Larn island.

But as they began their descent during the dangerous activity – notorious in the country for its lax safety – the operator veers towards a pole with speakers and lights and power lines.

In a bid to avoid disaster, the parasail guide steers towards the beach – only to plough into a row of umbrellas and holiday makers on sun loungers.

Both men were unhurt but the incident raised fresh questions about safety of the activity six months after Australian pensioner Roger Hussey, 70, died in a parasailing accident on the island of Phuket.

Onlooker Siriporn Sukhum, 29, said: ‘’This happens a lot on the beach and it’s not safe. There are a lot of people using the beach and it’s dangerous.

‘’It is lucky that nobody was hurt. They said that there was a problem with the wind direction. But somebody running the attraction should be able to know this.

‘’Parasailing should not be allowed on busy beaches and the government should control it more.’’

Australian businessman Roger Hussey died in July when he slipped out of a parasailing harness and plunged more than 100ft into shallow water below.

Despite anger at the time over the disregard for safety regulations, little appears to have been done in any of the popular tourist islands to reign in the dangerous activity.

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