Paramedics Travelling To Wedding Stop To Help Crash Victims

This is the heartwarming moment off-duty paramedics who were on the way to a wedding stopped to help people hurt in a road crash.

The group of rescue workers were travelling to their colleague’s ceremony in Singburi, central Thailand on Saturday August 3 morning.

But they noticed an accident which involved several motorcyclists at a busy junction while they were about half-way of the journey.

The team, who were wearing traditional costumes for the occasion, immediately stopped and offered medical first aid to the victims despite how they were beautifully dressed.

They were late for the wedding but managed to treat the wounds of the injured crash victims and stay with them until an ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital.

One of the rescue workers, said: ”We didn’t hesitate to stop the car and help them. We knew just by instinct that it’s what we had to do.

”We feel glad every time we can help people whether we are on duty or not.”

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