Outrage Over Coyote Dancers Entertaining Bus Passengers

A tour bus company was slammed after footage emerged of young lads being entertained – by COYOTE dancers.

The young men hired the coach last week for a trip from Bangkok into neighbouring provinces.

But video taken during the journey onboard the ‘VIP Family Bus’ with blacked out windows shows passengers cavorting with young women in hot pants and skimpy tops .

One of the girls is dancing seductively and rubbing her backside on the thigh of a passenger – while a second girl sits on the back seat as men take it in turns to fondle her breasts and crotch.

Video of the explicit trip sparked outrage from locals who said it was inappropriate.

Sunisa Ninsunthorn said: ”I hope their family do not see this. They would be ashamed. My life is not perfect but it’s not as disgusting as this.”

Zine Pimpisa added: ”This is not a good career for a young woman to do. They’re using their bodies to work instead of their brain. They should find a job that they can be proud of.”

Others slammed the behaviour of the lads on the tour bus. Nattaya Siriphon said: ”People should think carefully. The owner of the bus is not to blame, but it is the people inside who are acting inappropriately. This makes our country look very bad.”

One of the dancers in the video, Nong Praew, responded to the video and claimed people criticising the tour ”did not know how to have fun”.

She said: ”Why do you want to scold me for this? Why do you know people’s situations so well? Before you scold others for their actions, you should learn how to have fun yourself.

”If people are so perfect and their world is so beautiful then let them criticise this. Leave me alone to get on with my work.”

Yuy Orasri, manager of the tour company, said: ”There’s nothing wrong with the service. Everything is legal and authorised.

”If you would like to hire the coach we will make sure you have a very good time. We include beautiful women to entertain guests during the journey.”

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