One-Legged Pensioner Dies Of Heart Attack After Short Time Romp

A one-legged pensioner died of a heart attack after romping with young Thai hooker for two hours.

Weerachai Mankang, 65, arrived on the back of a motorcycle and left his zimmer frame at the door of the love motel in Chonburi on October 6 morning at 10am.

Shortly after a ”beautiful young woman in her 30s” arrived in a white car. The couple were together in the room for around two hours having sex.

But just after midday the girl ran out in tears before telling a maid that Weerachai, who only had one leg, was unconscious and she could not wake him.

The escort, who has not been identified, then sped away before shocked housekeeper Naam Sommut, 50, went into the room and discovered a lifeless Weerachai on the bed.

Naam said: ”I saw the man sitting on the back of a motorcycle and go into the room. Then the beautiful young woman driving a car came to his room. They were together for two hours. Then she came out to say that Mr Weerachai was dead and she drove away.”

Police arrived at the hotel and checked the room but they said there were no signs of robbery or any attacks on the pensioner. They found tissues and a used condom in one of the bins.

Inspector Suttipon Glinudom from the Sattahip district police said they believed that Weerachai had died of a heart attack.

He said: ”I was notified at 12:30pm on October 6 by the rescue foundation of the death of a man at a hotel. On the bed we found Weerachai Mankang, 65, a disabled man with his leg left missing.

”He was dead. There were no signs of a battle or wounds. In the bin, one condom was used. He was pronounced dead.

”His friend said that before he died he had brought a young woman in her 30s to the room to sleep with him. We believe that this triggered a heart attack, as he already suffered with blood pressure and diabetes.

”I will invite the woman to be interviewed, so that we can investigate the death again. The doctor will take the body for an autopsy.”

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