One Car Crashes Before SECOND Hits Them

Mobile phone footage captures the moment a passer-by stopped to help a stranded car when another vehicle ploughs into them – killing a woman.

The first car had crashed into a barrier and was pulled over at the side of the road in Chonburi in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Passer-by Noppadon Kitana, 48, stopped to help the stranded driver and passengers but seconds later an out-of-control car ploughs into the back of them – sending bodies flying into the air.

Noppadon leapt out of the way of the wreckage and picked himself up to carry on helping the injured people.

One woman was killed and three more were seriously injured in the horror smash which was captured on mobile phone footage.

Businessman Noppadon said: ‘’I saw the two cars had a problem at the side of the road and stopped to help.

‘’There were only small injuries at first but then another one hit, it crashed into them and made it much worse.

‘’It was very scary to be next to. I was very close to being hit myself but I jumped out of the way. It was so sad for the person who died and the injured people. One woman died.

‘’The road was being fixed at the time and it was very dark. So for the drivers it was hard to see what was happening.’’

Noppadon said the victims were driven to hospital by other motorists who had stopped to help. The woman, who has not been named, was later pronounced dead.

A volunteer rescue worker from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation said roadworks and barriers at the time may have made the road layout more confusing. They said it happened on section seven of the Chonburi Road.

A spokesman said: ‘’The traffic was split in two lanes while construction work was taking place. Someone who doesn’t know this route may not know how to drive along here properly.

‘’There was also poor lighting which could also have made it more difficult for drivers.’’

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