O’Min Cues Snooker Shop In Bangkok

There are plenty of places around Sukhumvit to buy pool cues. But if you’re looking to buy a snooker cue in Bangkok, then O’Min Cues is probably one of the best places to visit. In fact, it’s one of the best places in Thailand to buy a snooker cue.

I visited Thailand Billiards on Sukhumvit Soi 13 but I wasn’t that impressed with the range of snooker cues. There’s also no snooker table nearby, so it’s impossible to test the cues.

A quick look in Google and after a recommendation from a local snooker hall in Ratchada, I took a taxi to Minburi early on a Sunday morning to beat the traffic. O’Min Cues open at 9am every day so the earlier the better. And if you’re going to visit, go on a Sunday morning when the roads are clearer.

The place is pretty easy to find. Turn left off the main Srihaburanukit Road into Srihaburanukit 15/1 and then a quick right behind the row of shops and O’Min is at the bottom of the car park.

As you’ll see from the video below, you just have to walk through a small gate and you’re in something akin to rural Thai village that looks like one from Isaan. There are chickens, cats, dogs, wooden huts, trees, an old boat and probably plenty of snakes lurking around.

O'min Cues snooker cue snop in Minburi Bangkok Thailand

Mixed in among all that are loads of half-formed and scrapped snooker cures, off-cuts of wood and machines lying around. There’s a few small workshops and one big one with lathes and other tools. A small snooker table has a few young men playing on it, and behind that is the shop.

Somewhere in among all of that will be Mr O’Min himself. He’s a small, portly man with a beer belly, whisky-soaked eyes and soft, affable demeanour. He’s softly spoken and slightly camp, and very welcoming and polite.

When I was there, he brought me coffee, breakfast (some deep-fried Thai snack) and green tea. Obviously O’min is aware that Westerners have travelled some distance to his store and he is quite attentive.

The shop itself has a range of cues available. They range in price from 1,500 Baht for the basic cue up to 18,000 Baht for the Hunter II model.

However, it must be pointed out that every one of the cues can be modified to a player’s own preference and specification.

Advanced players can also have a cue pretty much built and designed from scratch by him. And if you’re really keen, you can watch it being produced in the work shop.

As mentioned above, it’s possible to test each cue. Next to the small shop showroom is another air conditioned room with a full size snooker table. This is quite a beautiful table with the base and legs hand carved from Thai teak wood. It has some stunning Thai patterns and gods carved into it. O’min probably made it himself.

I’m not going to give an in-deptth review of O’Min cues here. There’s really not that much point. You can see from the pictures that the place is the real deal. And you can’t really beat seeing where and how the cue is made, and buying it direct from the manufacturer, with all his knowledge and expertise. Advanced players will all have their own opinions.

But whatever your level, or interest in snooker, O’Min Cues is definitely worth visiting if you want to buy a snooker cue in Thailand.

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