Russian Olga Komova ‘stole £21m in online scam’

To staff at the luxury four-star hotel where she worked in Koh Chang, Olga Komova was a glamorous Russian.

On her days off she would pose in the crystal clear blue waters in revealing bikinis.

But Olga Komova, 25, now faces a lengthy prison term in U.S. jails after being accused of a staggering global fraud.

Olga Komova is accused of running a global money laundering scam from Koh Chang, Thailand

Olga Komova is accused of running a global money laundering scam from Koh Chang, Thailand

The FBI believe that the Russian beauty stole £21.5m from bank accounts around the world by sending spam emails.

Her messages would allegedly would trick people into entering their details.

Komova, from Uzbekistan, and Russian associate Dmitry Ukrainsky, 44, would then plunder bank accounts and have the cash wired to Thailand, it is claimed.

Olga is facing extradition to the U.S.

Olga is facing extradition to the U.S.

Thai police arrested the pair last month and U.S. lawmakers and battling to have them extradited to face money laundering charges, according to Mail Online.

It is claimed that two were involved in sending ‘malware’ to the email addresses of victims in the U.S., Britain US, UK, Australia, Japan, Italy and Germany.

Diplomatic battle

Meanwhile back at Emerald Cove Koh Chang Hotel, Komova lived the life of a millionaire. She is alleged to have worked in customer relations as a cover for the scamming network.

And on days off she could be found posing on the tropical beaches or flaunting designer clothes at expensive restaurants.

Kremiln officials in Moscow are fighting the U.S. extradition order. It remains to be seen which way the Thai government will fold.

Komova’s father Mikhail Georgevich is also being targeted by the FBI, who see him as the leader of the credit and debit card scam.

He was previously wanted by the U.S. on for alleged money laundering and child pornography offences in the United States.

But he was able to return back to Russia after being released in Bangkok without extradition.

MailOnline – in their impressive instigation -put the accusations to Komova’s father.

He said: ‘She still doesn’t understand what’s happening – and no one understands,’ he said.

‘It’s clearly a game of the American secret services, catching people for totally made up stories. Or a special frame-up.

‘Most likely, someone either used Olga’s bank account or card. Simply stole it. That’s the whole truth.’


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