Nong Nat Facing Jail Over Football Betting Sites

Thai porn star Nong Nat was facing up to a year in jail today for steamy shoots promoting illegal betting sites.

Nong Nat, 33, converted to Buddhism and married ageing millionaire Harold Nesland Jr, 72, shortly after the pair met in 2012 but divorced him earlier this year.

She had previously complained that she was afraid of giving him a heart attack in the bedroom due to his age.

The pair separated with Harold, originally from Washington, returning to the U.S. and Nong Nat taking up to modelling again – pocketing up to 20,000 baht for clips of her in skimpy clothes promoting football betting sites in her native Thailand.

But during the World Cup, authorities cracked down on gambling with a series of high-profile arrests of the ‘net idols’ linked to the groups – with Irish model Jessie Vard last month receiving a one-month suspended sentence.

A further 21 women have now been issued with court summons in capital Bangkok with ex-adult actress Nong Nat among the suspects.

Police Colonel Thaksin Suwanruangsri said that four of the women had so far turned themselves in with Nong Nat likely likely to appear in court in the coming days,.

He said: ”We have evidence that all of the women have been involved in promoting gambling, which is illegal. It is a violation of Section 12 of the anti gambling act by advertising and promoting the activity.”

Offenders face up to a year in prison as well as fines of up to 1,000 baht (24GBP).

This is not the first time that Nong Nat has faced police action. The model, whose full name is Kejsarin Chaichalermphol, received a six month suspended sentence in 2003 after cops identified her from hardcore VHS tapes which are also banned.

Meanwhile, Irish model Jessie Vard was found guilty last month and received a one month jail term which was suspended for a year. She was also fined the maximum amount.

She later threatened to return to her native Ireland over what she described as a ”shocking situation” saying she had ”cried all night” after being unaware that it was illegal.

Despite bans on any form of gambling, it pulls in the equivalent of billions of pounds a year in the country’s ‘underground’ shadow economy alongside prostitution and drugs.

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