Nong Gift ‘Gang Raped And Murdered After Being Drugged’

This month’s shocking murder of a beautiful young girl is in Chanthaburi province.

Nong Gift, 21, had be watching the Champions League final on a Saturday night with friends – but the evening ended in sickening tragedy.

The cosmetics seller’s friends left her at around 1.45am just before closing time. Within 30 minutes she had collapsed inexplicably.

CCTV cameras picked up four men carrying her out of the bar and before tossing her into the back of pick-up truck.

Nong was found dead later that day having been gang raped. She had foam around her mouth and a nose bleed. Her family believe she was drugged.

The four men, all debt collectors, were arrested and confessed to being part of the rape. Three admitted rape while one, who knew Nong, said he had driven them to the secluded orchard where the attack happened.

All four have been remanded in custody while officers investigate the brutal murder.

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