No Pole? Just Pull Sexy Moves On A Palm Tree

Chicks at this outdoor party get pretty excited. It must be the humid air up in Isan.

The music’s pumping out and one girl climbs – rather monkey like – up a tent support pole.

But another babe really steals the show when she scampers up a coconut palm tree.

With legs in a squat position and one hand on the tree, she swings her head round faster than a washing machine. Axl Rose would be jealous.

She’s thrusting her hips and legs – even grinding her crotch onto the tree as the cheeky fella filming it zooms right into her groin.

This is a babe who would bring in some big bucks in Bangkok’s chrome palaces.

Unfortunately for him the sexy showboating doesn’t last long and she hops down and carries on dancing on the ground to the Thai band.

Looks like one serious party. Where can we get a ticket?

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