No You Don’t! Python Caught After Killing Rooster

A python wriggles and hisses after it was caught raiding a chicken shed while looking for its dinner.

The 9ft long snake slithered into the hut and killed a rooster in Chachoengsao on October 23 just after at midnight.

But before it could eat the poultry, farmer Ruen Rich, 55, heard the birds squawking and called the emergency services.

Python caught after killing rooster in chicken shed

The python is caught after killing the rooster in a chicken shed

They snake was found hiding under a plastic laundry basket with the dead cock a few inches away. They made light work of dragging the snake into the open.

Interesting footage shows the glistening python wriggling around a pole as it bares its jaws. He was later bagged up and back into the wild.

Relieved farmer Ruen said: ‘’It was lucky the snake only got one of the chickens and didn’t eat it. It would be bad luck for us to eat the chicken now so we’ll bury him.’’

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