German Slits His Throat When Police Arrest Him Over Murder

A German slit his own throat when police went t o arrest him over the murder of his Thai masseuse girlfriend in Phuket.

Nico Papke, 35, was the subject of a police man hunt after Picha Nampadung, 35, went missing on July 1.

Yesterday officers foudn Picha’s body wrapped in a carpet and dumped deep in jungle at 2pm. She had suffered stab wounds to her chest and neck.

Nico Papke, 35, is taken to hospital after slitting his own throat

Nico Papke, 35, is taken to hospital after slitting his own throat

A few hours later officers stormed into Nico’s rented motel – causing a bloodbath as he reached for box cutters and slashed at his throat.

The personal trainer was rushed to hospital where he was under police guard as officers waited to interview him.

Picha Nampadung, 35, was murdered

Picha Nampadung, 35, was murdered

Medics repaired the damage to his neck which had missed the trachea.
Officers said they are not looking for other suspects and were considering ‘’sexual jealousy’’ as a motive.

Naturally, Picha’s family were devastated. Understandably, her adoring niece Rujida Onkorat vented her anger on social media saying that ”hell didn’t want Papke” which was why he survived.

It’s all desperately tragic – a beautiful young woman with her life ahead of her.

Police said that Picha was found still clothed with her toe nails painted white and her fingernails painted red.

She had suffered a stab wound to the left side of her ribcage, her neck and appeared to have facial injuries.

A teddy bear was found wrapped inside the rug with her. Her corpse has now been sent for a post mortem examination at the Wachira Phuket Hospital.

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