Newborn Baby Girl Found Dumped In Field Of Morning Glory

A newborn baby girl was rescued after being wrapped in black bin bags and abandoned in a field of vegetables.

A group of children were on their way to go fishing in a nearby pond when they heard cries coming from the patch of land growing ‘morning glory’ in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Several youngsters walked over and rummaged through the knee-high batch of crops before noticing the baby hidden from sight below the vegetables. They made the discovery just after dawn.

The infant was rushed to a nearby clinic in the Russey Keo district of the capital city where medics said she had only been born a few hours earlier. They said she was healthy and strong.

Local residents have now banded together to raise the infant in the village. Srey Vannana said his daughter had taken the infant back to her home to wait for authorities to arrive.

He said: ”The villagers in the commune will look after the baby. The authorities are aware of what has happened and they will visit later to check on the baby.”

Srey’s daughter, Sunnika, 21, said: ”I don’t know where the baby has come from because nobody in the village knows who was pregnant. It might be someone from outside who left her in the vegetables.

”We will raise her and take care of her. She is very beautiful and we will love her.”

Sunnika said the discovery has been reported to the local police who would visit the village later today to take statements.

She added: ”I think the baby is better with us. The mother didn’t want it and we do.”

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