Newborn Baby Girl Dumped Next To Bins Is Rescued

How could anyone leave such a vulnerable newborn baby next to bins?

The tiny baby girl was found wrapped in a pink blanket after being bitten by ants on the ground in Chonburi.

She would almost certainly have died if not for bin man Rungroj Attra, 53, noticed her tiny body. He checked she was still breathing and called police.

This was the moment the rescue workers arrived and gave the baby to paramedics who revived her… she lets out a lovely cry as she comes back alive.

Source: The Moment Newborn Baby Dumped In Bins Was Rescued

The girl is now being cared for at the Chonburi Hospital while police investigate where her mother is.

Police Captain Nattawut Na Chiangmai said: ”The baby was carelessly left here.

A nurse holds the baby girl after she was rescued in Chonburi

A nurse holds the baby girl after she was rescued in Chonburi

”We suspect that the intention was for her to die, as the trash can would have hidden her body and the ants would have killed her.’’

Rungroj said it was lucky he found the girl as she was barely conscious and leaving her until morning could have been deadly.

He said: ”She’s so sweet I don’t know how anybody could leave her on the ground.”

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