Newborn Baby Abandoned Behind Hotel

A newborn baby girl was rescued after being wrapped in a white cloth and dumped in bushes behind a hotel.

Locals are now clamouring to adopt the one-day-old tot – who has been named ‘Lucky’ – to give her a better future after the incident in Ubon Ratchathani, north east Thailand, on September 20.

Police said that staff at the ‘Chokdee Resort’ heard cries coming from the long grass behind one of the rooms at 6pm.

They called the emergency services and officers arrived shortly after where they found the girl being tended to by concerned workers.

They showed police the area where the baby was found, abandoned on a dark patch of undergrowth beneath trees. She still had her umbilical cord attached and was dirty from what is believed to be blood and other maternal fluids.

The 2.7kg infant was taken to hospital where medics declared her healthy.

Several residents have now offered to adopt the youngster, which will be cared for at the hospital while police investigate.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kongsak Chaiyakul, Deputy Inspector General of the Kut Khaopun District, said: ”We’re checking CCTV to find the people who left the baby. We think that it could have been from somebody staying at the resort who left earlier in the day.

”Another scenario that we’re investigating is a witness report of three girls who were seen riding a motorbike and carrying luggage.

”We’re checking the records of everybody who stayed in the hotel and watching CCTV from roads.

”The baby was not even a day old when she was left. She had just been born. She has been taken to hospital and is healthy.

”There is a multi-disciplinary team working on finding the mother as legal action will be taken against her.

”Many people have come to the hospital who want to adopt the baby. But this is a process that we are being very cautious with.

”The name of the girl is Lucky, lucky sister. She is currently being cared for by nurses.”

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