Nataree Massage Parlour in Bangkok Still Closed

Here’s a video taken mid-way through 2018 of the Nataree Massage Parlour in Bangkok after it had closed.

The entertainment complex was once once of the busiest of all the massage houses in Ratchada. But in June 2016, the authorities raided the premises and found 15 underage girls.

In April 2017, five of the former operators of Nataree were jailed for illegally procuring young and migrant workers, reported the Bangkok Post.

Similar raids followed at Victoria’s Secrete and The Lord, with the owners also jailed in August 2018.

The court sentenced Satthatham Chaengchai, the manager of Victoria’s Secret Massage, and Boonsap Amornrattanasiri, 55, to three years and four months in jail each for prostitution of girls aged no older than 15.

Without getting too much into the details, what these Thai men did – being the good Buddhists that they are – they would recruit young girls from poor backgrounds in Laos then traffic them to Bangkok with the promise of a better life.

Some of the girls from inside Nataraee massage parlour when it was open

Some of the girls from inside Nataraee massage parlour when it was open

The kids would then be given plastic surgery – breasts, teeth, chin etc etc – and dolled out in fancy clothes before being put to work in these cat houses where most Asian customers would pay a minimum of 3,000 baht per jump.

These raids opened up a can of worms and  at least 20 police and government officials were linked to the parlours.  In reality, there would have been many more police and government figures connected to them at all levels.

So, two or three years on from those raids and the massage buildings are still closed. Nattare has been overrun with street food stands in the car park. While The Lord has been kept in good condition with staff outside the building protecting it 24/7 and regularly tending to the plants.

Frankly, I have no idea when or if these places will re-open. My guess is the scumbags who’ve already been jailed are also the freeholders of the buildings. And they’ll have enough Jumping Jack in the bank to sit tight and wait out their sentences.

So presumably the first sniff of freedom they get they’ll be unlocking the doors and starting again to milk the Chinese and Japanese cash cow. Only this time they will have learned their lesson and only be employing Thais of age.

Oh, and making sure that the corrupt Thai police are kept sweet this time around.

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