Naked Pervert Chased Away After ‘Climbing Into Granny’s Bed’

This is the bizarre moment a naked pervert is chased away down the street after allegedly climbing into a pensioner’s bed.

Harifah Cheevitthai, 62, was sleeping in her room when she woke up hearing noises in the room in Ayutthaya, Thailand last Friday September 20 early morning.

Harifah claims she saw the naked intruder standing next to her before he climbed into her bed and ”asked for a hug”. The pensioner then screamed for help and ran into her husband’s room.

Harifah’s husband and son, who were sleeping in the room next door, heard her cries and woke up.

CCTV shows how the two men pursued the alleged flasher as he fled without his clothes down the street in the early hours of the morning.

Speaking to the media, the shocked housewife said that at first she thought the person in her room was her son.

She said: “I heard the sound of someone coming into my room and thought that was my son.

“However, the person climbed up to the bed and asked to hug me then I was curious why should my son ask me that.

“I turned to have a look and was shocked by the man lying naked beside me. I screamed and ran to my husband’s room.”

Police visited later that morning and found a tool bag belonging to the alleged pervert inside the family’s home.

Police Captain Sirichaifrom the Khlong Takhian district station said the suspect could be the same man wanted for a spate of thefts in the area.

He said: “We have the CCTV footage from the camera on an electrical post that recorded all the incident including when he walked past the camera and ran away fifteen minutes later.

”Officers will search for the suspect and he will be prosecuted. If he keeps doing this there will be more evidence and we will catch him.”

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