Naked German Arrested On Segway In Pattaya

This is the moment a naked German tourist is arrested after riding around on a Segway while masturbating in public.

The perverted holidaymaker, 56, shocked locals as he scooted around the streets in Pattaya.

Stunned resident Korn Sawasmongkol, 32, said he saw the man holding his erect penis and pleasuring himself on his single-wheel electric machine.

The apartment block security guard called police who arrived and pounced on the naked man in the Nongprue district of the city.

He was photographed in nothing but a pair of red trainers and silver army-style helmet helmet carrying his groceries in his free hand while the other held his manhood.

Korn said: ”The man was ‘helping himself’ as he went round on his scooter. He was doing this and showing his penis to tourists.

”I was at the gate of the condominium block and saw him do this. I called police and they chased him.”

Officers received a call at 10pm and arrived shortly after near the Pratumnak Hill apartments.

They arrested the man who said he was a German citizen but did not have his passport on him at the time to be identified.

Police questioned him at the station in the early hours of the morning and left him in a hot cell to mull over the bizarre behaviour. He is expected to be interviewed again later today.

Lieutenant Colonel Satsak Pinthong from Pattaya Police Deaprtment said: ”Police detained the man who has been given the alias ‘Mr Lee’ and he could not display his passport.

”We have taken control of pictures of him masturbating without any clothes on and a report will be made to prosecution him for obscenity.

”He said he is from Germany and aged 56.

”There were a lot of tourists walking and jogging in the area where he was riding a single-wheeled electric scooter without a single piece of clothing.

”The security guard made a report that with one hand he was holding a bag with fruit inside and with the other he was masturbating.”

It is not known if the single-wheel electric scooter was the Segway brand or a copy.

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