Naked Chinese Tourist Goes Skinny Dipping

There was much confusion when this naked Chinese tourist was found standing naked in the sea on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya.

She was rambling incoherently, drunk, none of the Thais knew what she was saying and she looked like she just wanted to go to bed.

Well, at least the female police staff were friendly and gave her a nice pony tail while she was questioned by police at Pattaya City station.

There are varying explanations about what she was up to when she was found at 1am. According to Daily News, she took to the sea in a protest at her boyfriend who had stayed out late partying with work colleagues.

That explanation seems unlikely. It looks like she just couldn’t handle her drink and took to the ocean in a drunk state of mind.

It could have been far worse though if she’d be swept away and drowned. Or passed out in the water.

Luckily, she was brought back in after locals mistook her for a ghost and police spent 30 minutes talking her back onto dry land.



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