Motorcyle Taxi Riders Fighting At Chatuchak, Bangkok

This motorcycle taxi rider got into a disagreement with a pedestrian over where he should be riding.

Well, there was only one way to settle this particular argument and the taxi rider promptly sets about dishing out a beating.

But it’s not just him. His motorcycle taxi rider friends join in, chasing the pedestrian, fighting, kicking him and even picking up a plastic chair to make to hit him with it.

The fella in the brown shirt seems to escape unscathed – even if it means running away.

There’s a lesson here for everyone – don’t get into a fight with motorcycle taxi riders as there’s often a few of them all waiting together and they defend their own.

Chatuchak is one of the busiest shopping areas in Bangkok, Thailand, thanks to its sprawling market. Taxis are able to make a half-decent living collecting Thais and tourists.

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