Motorcyclist Saved By Flower Bed

A female motorcyclist had a miraculous escape after skidding off a 30ft bridge but being saved – after landing face first in a soft flower bed

Sor Sunisa, 22, had been travelling home on her motorbike at 2.30am this morning when she went to overtake a driver in Pattaya.

But the motorist said he saw Sunisa lose control of her bike and hit the concrete barrier – before flying over the ledge.

She clattered into the letter ‘P’ of the iconic ‘Pattaya’ sign which welcomes tourists to the holiday city then landed face first in rows of plants that cushioned her fall.

Incredibly, the lucky landing of first hitting the sign then dropping onto the soft flowers in freshly laid soil is likely to have saved her life.

A few feet either side and Sunisa would have hit solid concrete – potentially fatal without a helmet.

Rescue workers arrived within minutes and carried the dazed motorcyclist onto a stretcher and into the back of an ambulance before she was taken to hospital.


Witness Thanapol Somboon, 19, said: ‘’I was driving and came to the bridge when the woman quickly overtook me. She lost her balance then hit the handrail on the bridge and bounced off.

‘’I hurried down from the bridge to see the wounded person then called the emergency staff for help.”

Police Lieutenant Colonel Tongon Pimgaan said officers were now checking CCTV in the area to find the cause of the accident.

He added: ‘’This was a high fall at a high speed. If she landed on concrete maybe she would not have survived. The flowers are soft and that helped her.”

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