Motorcyclist Riding On Pavement Rams Old Man

This is the shocking moment a pedestrian was rammed by a motorcyclist after telling him not to ride on the pavement.

Sasawasu Chamchongyon, 55, was waiting at the bus stop when the man riding illegally on the pavement honked at him in Bangkok on February 1.

He yelled out to the motorcycle rider as he sped past, telling him to stay off the footpath.

Shockingly, after disappearing out of view, the rider turned back around and used his bike like a battering ram – sending Sasawasu hurtling backwards into a parked bike.

Speaking today, Sasawasu said that he was still traumatised by the attack, which was captured on CCTV from a shop.

He said: ‘’The motorcyclist sounded his horn at me so I turned round and ‘This is the footpath. You can’t even drive here. Why do you have to honk?’

‘’I hardly noticed him coming back towards him. I just looked up and he was there on his bike and rammed straight into me.

‘’Bangkok had a lot of motorcycle driving on the footpath. Even though there were laws and punishments about this, these drivers were not afraid because they knew that the police did not do anything.

‘’I want the rider to be punished as a lesson for those illegal drivers on the footpath.”, said the brother of the victim.’’

CCTV footage from the front of the shop shows how the motorbike rode on the footpath, going in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic on the road, and jostled with pedestrian trying to use the path.

Unexpectedly, the furious rider came back and quickly smashed him. The victim suddenly collapsed in a heap while the mad motorcyclist drove away back on the road.

The Chumchongyon family told police they did not want the youngster to get away and want the officials to take more serious actions about the case.

Officers at Nang Loeng police station, who are responsible for the case, tracked down the rider yesterday (13/02) and tried to negotiate a settlement.

Police Colonel Kampanart Arunkiriroj, the Superintendent of Nang Loeng police station, said: “The suspect suggested they give 5,000 Baht (125GBP) as compensation but the victim’s family disagreed. The case will now proceed according to the law and the family will make a case for damages.”

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