Motorcyclist Rides Standing Up With No Hands

Is it any surprise that Thailand has some of the most dangerous roads in the world?

This reckless motorcycle rider was filmed whizzing along the road at more than 50mph – standing up without using his hands.

Passing drivers noticed the man – with his face covered with a bandana and wearing a rucksack – on the outskirts of Bangkok on October 24 during evening rush hour.

He was standing up while cracking his knuckles before weaving between cars when the traffic ahead came to a stand still.

The shocked passenger filming the careless scooter rider is heard saying ”wow, so talented” before giving him a thumbs up.

Speaking after, the filmer, Ton Jirapong, said: ”I couldn’t believe he was riding like that. We were going at about 50 miles per hour. Then we started to slow down but he kept going. I thought he would sit down but he just dodged between the cars.

”He might have been stretching his legs after riding for a long time, but he could stop for a break. It would be safer.”

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