Motorcyclist Killed By Bouncing Tyre

This is the shocking moment a motorcyclist is killed when a loose TYRE bounces across the road straight into her HEAD.

Apinya Sotthong, 28, had been riding her moped along the dual carriageway in Nakhon Pathom province at 7.20am.

But without warning a tyre that had come loose from a truck driving in the opposite direction on the other side of the road rolls towards the central reservation.

The tyre hits the curb sending it flying up in the air – bouncing once before smashing directly into Apinya’s head and sending her skidding across the tarmac.

The young woman suffered severe head injuries and a broken neck after the freak traffic accident.

Police Major General Kongthep Boonnak said Apinya was pronounced dead on the roadside.

He said: ‘’The victim suffered severe injuries and bleeding from the wounds. Her Honda motorcycle had crashed after she was knocked over by the tyre.

‘’No truck stopped after the accident. But officers were told by villagers that the vehicle was parked on a bridge a short distance away.

‘’Investigators took the details of the vehicle but there was no driver. The truck was taken away as evidence to check for signs of collision or damage.’’

Police have still been unable to trace the driver of the vehicle from which the tyre came loose.

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