Motorcycle Rider Falls Under Truck And SURVIVES

This is the horror moment a moped rider skids off his bike and falls under a 20 tonne truck – and SURVIVES.

The woman was riding her 100cc scooter on a narrow two-lane road when the lorry carrying rocks suddenly turns left across her path without seeing her.

She slams on the breaks but starts to wobble before falling off and rolling under the construction truck’s enormous wheels.

Motorcycle Rider Falls Under Truck And SURVIVES

Motorcycle Rider Falls Under Truck And SURVIVES

But luckily sh skids through the gap in between the front and back wheels – coming with inches of being crushed before the vehicle stops.

Shocked onlookers gathers round as she crawls out from beneath the truck with a broken leg in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

‎Vokeng Prateep, who‎ recorded the horror dashcam footage while driving, said: ”I was talking to my boyfriend then all of a sudden this happened. I’m still startled and scared watching it.

”We stayed focused and went to help the woman. She was hurt but is safe. She broke her leg in the fall. She is lucky to still be alive.

”An accident can happen on the road at any time. Drivers have to understand how to use the road properly.”

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