Motorcycle Flasher Terrifies Young Woman In Chonburi

CCTV captured the disgusting moment a flasher stopped his motorcycle then waved his penis at a terrified young woman.

The 21-year-old student was walking down a driveway leading to her home when she heard a motorcycle behind her on Sunday December 12 morning in Chonburi.

She stopped to turn around as they man twice called out ”hey, hey”. He then pulled down his trousers and swung around his penis before climbing back on his back and riding away.

The woman said she was ”shocked and frightened” by the indecent exposure which was recoded on a neighbour’s security camera. Footage has now been handed to police who are searching for the offender.

The victim said: ”I have to walk down the alley regularly because it leads to my home. I heard the motorcycle then a man called out to me.

”The man was rude. He removed his pants and I saw his male genitals. I was so shocked and frightened. I turned back round and ran away.”

Officers from the Sriracha district police station are now studying CCTV of the incident. They believe the man may have flashed previously and expect him to strike again.

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