Motorbike Gang Chase Teenager And Push Him Off Bike

This is the shocking moment a teenager is knocked of his motorbike into oncoming traffic – before he jumps back up and scampers away.

The lad was speeding along a motorway with four other riders in the motorbike gang in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand, on Sunday afternoon.

The group overtakes a car but moments later one rider in black leather and a helmet nudges the youngster who spins out of control.

Horriffic dashcam footage shows him slam into the ground as his body bounces along the gravel into the patch of oncoming cars.

But incredibly, despite not wearing a helmet he quickly leaps to his feet and dashes across the road to take refuge in the grass verge.

Korakot Wangsamad captured the incident while he was travelling behind the group.

He said: ”I found myself behind this motorbike gang who seemed to be racing, or chasing the boy.

Motorbike gang chase teenager and knock him off his bike

Motorbike gang chase teenager and knock him off his bike

”The boy fell from his motorbike and we could not stop to help. The gang may have been drunk or dangerous. We were sure that violence would happen.

”Although it was over a decade ago, and my days of drinking and smoking are long gone, I still understand the feelings of youth. But doing this kind of thing is just crazy.

”I shared the clip with a small group of friends at first, but I wanted to make it public as an example of how dangerous this can be.

”It happened on Sunday afternoon, although the dash cam has the wrong time and date on it.”

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