Mother And Son Survive Horror Truck Crash

A mother and her young son walked away from this horror crash – after being flung through a lorry’s windcreen.

The family were travelling in the cabin of the truck when it lost control and skidded through a junction in Chonburi on October 13.

Dashcam footage from a car behind the incident shows how the lorry carrying sand ploughed into a shipping container and toppled over.

The mother and her boy – who appear not to have been wearing seatbelts – were hurled through the windscreen and landed on the road.

Miraculously, the youngster clambers to his feet virtually unscathed and then goes to help his mother, who is sitting on the ground in shock.

The father – who was driving the truck – then leaps from the cabin to tend to his injured partner.

Onlooker Acharand Nadee, 33, said: ”The sand truck suddenly appeared from the right swerving across the road. I screamed and before I knew what was happening it had crashed into the truck in front of me.

”I was shocked, and my body was shaking. My legs were like jelly. I couldn’t understand how the truck had not used the brakes to stop.

”Luckily, this happened very near to the hospital and there was a police station near. People came over quickly to help.

”It’s very fortunate that nobody was injured. The woman and her son were in shock but they were both OK. They went to the hospital to be checked.”

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