Mother And Daughter Killed In Double Drive-By Shooting

A mother and her 13-year-old daughter were killed in a double drive-by shooting – after allegedly selling illegal lottery tickets.

Nittaya Kaenruang, 40, was riding a motorcycle home from a market with her daughter Atchariya sitting pillion on Saturday morning in Narathiwat, southern Thailand.

Gunmen on a black motorbike are said to have followed them before firing one shot which knocked the pair off the road into a ditch.

They then stood over then and blasted cowering teenager Atchariya in the head and back as she pleaded for her life before unloading three rounds into her mothers face and chest. They then stole their motorcycle.

Horrified passers-by found the bodies at 6.30am and called police who are now investigating the mother’s alleged money loaning activity and involvement in the ‘underground lottery’ – an illegal gambling game.

The girl’s devastated grandmother Juatart Gambpan, 60, said at their funeral ceremony yesterday (Sun) that the family were heartbroken.

She said: ”My daughter lost her husband recently and other relatives have died. This is very dad. My granddaughter was only 13.

”I cannot believe that this could happen in the day light on a busy road. I pray that the police can catch the bandits.”

Police initially blamed ”southern insurgents” in the area but now believe that the murder was linked to debts and money loans.

They are currently checking CCTV and interviewing residents who might be able to identify the gunmen, who were seen in the area on a black motorbike.

Lt. Col. Supachai Supakitjarak from the local police station in the area said: ”We know that two skilled gunmen were involved in shooting the mother and her child.

”We have ordered police at checkpoints to stop anyone who is seen with the mother’s stolen motorcycle.

”The deceased was involved with selling underground lottery tickets and issuing informal loans. It may be that the borrowers or debtors had a problem with her and planned to kill her.”

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