Monster Amazonian Fish Terrifies Locals In Malaysia

A monster Amazonian fish terrified joggers after it was seen floating in a lake in Malaysia yesterday morning.

The 108kg Arapaima, which is native to the Amazon river in South America, is believed to have been bought as a pet before being released after growing too big.

A shocked runner noticed the beast floating in the Tun Fuad Stephens lake in Sabah on the island of Borneo at around 6.30am.

Locals dragged the giant fish out of the water and found it weighed 108kg and measured 2.4 meters in length.

It was identified as an Arapaima, a fish native to the Amazon river in South America. They are among the biggest fish in the world.

Borneo Marine Research Institute professor Muhammad Ali Syed Hussin said the fish was pronounced dead at the scene.

He said: ”These fish are not native to the area so we believe a breeder or pet owner might have dumped it in the lake after it had grown to an uncontrollable size.

“We cannot be sure of the age, but based on its size, it may be a 12 years old. We do not know the cause of death.”

The fish was taken to the Borneo Marine Research Institute where officials from the Fisheries Department and the University of Malaysia Sabah began an autopsy to determine the cause of death of the fish.

Arapaima fish is forbidden to enter the country because it can cause damage to Malaysia’s river system.

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