Monkey Steals Lad’s Glasses At Lopburi Temple

This is the hilarious moment a wild monkey steals a teenager’s glasses – sparking frantic scenes as the lad’s father tries to scratch them back.

The 18-year-old named Luca from Rome, Italy, was visiting the ancient Buddhist temple in Lopburi, Thailand, during a special ‘monkey birthday party’ in which the animals are treated to a fruit buffet.

But while he was taking a picture of his father, one monkey climbed onto his shoulders followed by a second primate which leapt onto his back.

The larger monkey then cleverly nabbed the boy’s expensive glasses before jumping onto a table and running away behind a fence.

Luca and his furious father spent 30 minutes chasing after the monkey – through bushes and under cars – but were still unable to retrieve the spectacles, which the short-sighted teenager needs to see properly.

Speaking after the incident on Sunday November 25, Luca said he would now have to spend the next 20 days of his holiday in Thailand without his prescription glasses.

He said: ”I’ve had my glasses broken and robbed my a monkey in Thailand. It’s too difficult. I cannot see without my glasses. I bought them three years ago.

”It’s funny, it’s a joke. I must go and buy some new ones.”

Luca explained that he would try to find some temporary glasses for the rest of his family holiday but would need replacements when he returns home next month.

He added: ”The monkey took them so quickly. I was taking a picture and then felt one climb onto me then another. People, hold on to your glasses while you’re in Thailand, they might be stolen by a monkey.”

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