Monk Whacks Mate On Head With Giant Saucepan

This is the astonishing moment a monk hits his friend over the head with a giant SAUCEPAN.

The religious chief wearing a traditional orange robe potters around the table while the younger novice monk prepares food.

He grabs a 40cm tall metal saucepan – used for making large curries – before suddenly launching into an unprovoked attack.

The monk is recorded on CCTV twice hitting the younger monk round the head with the steel utensil for cooking Thai food.

A shocked onlooker steps in to calm down the outraged monk at the temple in Pathum Thani, Thailand.

Khun Sami, who took the smartphone footage, said: ”Monks are supposed to show the good behavior of God.

A monk hits a younger one round the head with a giant saucepan

A monk hits a younger one round the head with a giant saucepan

”They’re not supposed to do things like this. It looks like he’s hardly living a holy life. The novice monk doesn’t deserve that.

”Unfortunately any type of grievance like this and it’s the person who leaked the video is blamed and at risk of getting in trouble from the people who are in the wrong.”

Bosses at the Buddhist temple – where monks of supposed to be examples of piety – are now investigating the clip.

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