Monk caught with a METH PIPE

A chubby Buddhist monk is caught red-handed with pills and a METH PIPE.

Police raided the temple after being tipped off by concerned visitors that local monk Winaithornchalam Arsapak had been using illegal Yaba pills.

But when they raided his room at a temple in Chachongsao, Thailand, they also found a pipe used for smoking methamphetamine, also known as Ice.

Buddhist monk Winaithornchalam Arsapak is caught with a meth pipe

Buddhist monk Winaithornchalam Arsapak is caught with a meth pipe

Winaithornchalam and fellow monk Tewan Kitiwiriyachai confessed to using drugs and revealed the name of their dealer.

Police Commander Narong Preuksaroongrueng said the trio were snared after a joint operation with her military.

He said: ”The armies team found equipments to take Yaba and Ice and 2.5 Yaba tablets. The two monks confessed that they have been taking drugs and they got them from Mr. Kittinan Sanhapakdee, 25 years old.

”He lives near the temple. The armies team went to his house. They found Mr. Kittinan and his mother in front of his house.

”They were trying to call him out but no replied. The officer went in the house and found Mr. Kittinan hiding in the wardrobe and arrested him. He confessed that he sold drug to those two monks and told the officers where he kept all the drugs in the plug in the bedroom and they also found a lot of equipments for taking the drugs.’’

The drug dealer will be prosecuted and faces jail while the two monks will be be defrocked and also prosecuted.

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