Monk Arrested After Sneaking Into Woman’s Home

A Buddhist monk was arrested yesterday after he was caught slipping out of his religious robes and romping with young woman.

Miao Chivan, 36, had been the head monk at the Kampong Kdol temple in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but locals recently became suspicious of behaviour.

Pictures emerged on Facebook of the monk still in his orange gown kissing and groping a female. Buddhist monks are banned from having contact with women and expected to display pious behaviour.

Villagers in the Sangkat Sak Sampov district of the Khmer capital complained to police who dismissed the concerns.

So a vigilante mob waited outside the pagoda on Monday night and followed Miao as he snook out in civilian clothes.

The group stormed into a small room at 2:30am where the monk was found with a 22-year-old woman Heng Sok Heang.

Miao was dragged outside and handed over to police for questioning. He has since been defrocked and faces charges for violating the religion.

Police chief Mean Prak Kosal from the Dangkor Police Inspectorate said: ”At present, the police have brought Miao Chivan to stay in the Dangkor Police station for safety and to be handed over to the Cabinet Office and to take disciplinary action.”

Police said that before the arrest, residents reported to authorities that the temple chief did not adhere to the proper rules and was seriously affecting the dignity and value of Buddhist monks.

But at first officers did not believe the report was true.

This lead to to a group of villagers launching their own investigation and they discovered that the head monk visited the home of Heng Sok Heang in in Chot village, 1km from the temple.

Police chief Kosal added: ”The villagers have been protesting about the actions of this monk for a long time. There have been many different claims, as well as images of alleged misbehaviour.

”He has now been arrested and handed over to the authorities. He will not be a monk any more.”

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