Monitor Lizard Raids Turkish Embassy In Bangkok

This giant monitor lizard sparked a diplomatic panic – after raiding the Turkish embassy in Bangkok.

The 5ft long reptile scampered inside the building but became stuck in between sliding windows August 21 afternoon.

Rescue workers arrived and spent 30 minutes freeing the beast from the building in the Huai Kwang district of the Thai capital.

Footage shows how two men had to to widen the gap by pushing the sliding window while pulling the lizard out of the Turkish Ambassor’s home.

The hapless monitor lizard was finally rescued after the rescuers caught him with a lasso and slowly dragged him out from the gap.

They tied the reptile’s mouth and legs before carrying it on a motorcycle passenger seat to the district fire department, where the officers later released it back into wild.

Onlooker Khun Maha, who filmed the lizard being caught, said: ”It’s unusual to find monitor lizard this big. It chose an important building to get inside.”

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