Monitor Lizard Caught In Bath

A five foot long monitor lizard is rescued after getting stuck inside a bathroom water tank.

The reptile crawled into the tub for a soak to cool down but was unable to climb back out.

Homeowner Somchai Kunchai, 45, spotted the lizard’s head poking out of the water when he walked in last Friday at 7pm.

Rescuers arrived and fished out the monitor which mistakenly clambered in while looking for a suitable pond in Chachoengsao.

Somchai said: ‘’I wanted to take a shower then I saw the monitor lizard looking up out of the water. It gave me a big fright, and made my heart go fast. ‘’

Rescue worker Danupon Tapo emptied some of the water then fished out the lizard with rope lasso on the end of a pole.

He said: ‘’The lizard was hiding in the bottom of the tub so we had to discharge some of the water then rake the pole around to find it.

‘’We’re sure he was hot and looking for some water for a swim. We pulled him out and put him into trees next to the house.”

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