Monitor Lizard Caught After Attacking Dog

A rampaging monitor lizard has a tug-of-war with animal catchers after biting a dog then hiding between the floorboards.

The 5ft long reptilian snuck inside the two-storey house and bit the pet pooch on August 15 at 8am.

Terrified resident Yo Thong, 72, ran for cover – while the lizard scampered into a hole and burrowed between the wooden planks.

Rescuers arrived and spent 30 minutes trying to free the aggressive creature – cutting away parts of wood then yanking it down by the tail.

Relieved grandfather-of-five Yo said: ”It could have been me, the lizard could have bitten me.

”He bit the dog instead after it started barking at him. I ran away, I was scared and called the police for help.

The monitor lizard is caught after attacking a dog in Chachoengsao

The monitor lizard is caught after attacking a dog in Chachoengsao

”I’m happy the rescue service came and took out the lizard. I would not have slept in the house with it around. It was a big one and very angry.”

Volunteers from the Chachoengsao Rescue Foundation tied up the 1.5metres long (4.9ft) Asian monitor lizard before driving it several miles away in the back of a truck to be released into the wild.

Monitor lizards usually grow up to 1.5metres and feed on fish, frogs, birds, snakes and rodents. But they will attack humans if they feel threatened.

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