Japanese Model Mika Kano Is Searching For A Boyfriend

A busty Japanese glamour model is still looking for a boyfriend – ten months after posting an online appeal.

Middele-aged Mika Kano started her search in February saying that she was ”ready to fall in love’’ alongside a picture of her taking a bubble bath.

But despite her incredible curves, it appears the model – who has never revealed her age – has been unsuccessful.

The star – who has featured in Japan Playboy – made a second appeal online last month as she continued her search for a soulmate.

Self-proclaimed ‘’busty angel’’ Mika said: ‘’I’m looking for friends and there’s the potential to become my lover. I’ll talk more about this in the future.

‘’This is for a limited time only. Girls can be my friends, too. They are equally welcome. You must be over 18 years old to apply. Contact me if you’re interested and we can discuss it.’’

Mika and her sister Kyoko are collectively known as the ”Kano Sisters. They gained fame for their outrageous sense of style, involving highly-revealing clothes, and flashy jewellery.

The celebrity’s appeal sent her fans into a frenzy – with vast numbers pleading with her to choose them for the chance to date her,

One wrote: ‘’I’ll do anything for you. If you choose me I’ll be the best boyfriend in the world.’’

Another added: ‘’We can party together every night. I love you, Mika.’’

While one user promised a ‘’beautiful future’’ and promised to take care of her once he finished his engineering degree.

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