McLaren 720s Gets Shunted By A Chevrolet

A speeding supercar driver suffered a dose of instant justice after slamming his brakes – and being shunted by the car behind.

The owner of the McLaren 720S whizzed by motorists on a highway between Bangkok and Pattaya.

He was seen on camera ignoring speed restriction signs and undertaking over cars while allegedly racing his pal in a white Mercedes.

But after suddenly approaching a set of road works the 30,000,000 baht (700,00gbp) sports car had to hit the brakes to avoid the waiting queue of traffic.

Dashcam footage shows a black Chevrolet pick-up truck travelling behind at around 110kmph desperately swerve into another car to avoid the McLaren.

The driver, Weerapong Thongchom, 29, failed to stop in time and collided with the back of the McLaren, which had to be towed after after the smash. The Chevvy then also clipped a Toyota to the left on the outside line.

Devastated Weerapong – who admitted being to blame for the accident – said: ”I could not have chosen a more valuable car to crash into. There are only three of these McLarens in all of Thailand. The driver told me he paid 30 million baht for his car.

”I’m thankful that the damage to the car is not more severe. I feel very bad about it and will have to let the insurance company handle the process.

”I was travelling between 100kmh and 120kmh. I didn’t estimate the conditions on the road correctly. It’s important for drivers to be careful.”

The incident happened in the Bang Pakong district of Chachoengsao in the middle of the highway between capital Bangkok and Pattaya on the eastern coast on Saturday at 2pm.

The cost of the McLaren 720S in Thailand is 30,000,000 baht (700,00gbp) which is around triple that in Europe due to higher import taxes and vehicle duties.

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