Marina Nagasawa Looks 12 But She’s Actually 22

Japanese model Marina Nagasawa is taking her home country by storm – all because of her baby-face.

The bikini model looks like she’s barely reached her teenage years. But in fact, she’s 22. As can be seen by her F Cup knockers, she’s well past that age and in the early parts of woman hood.

In Japan, she is often known by the catch phrase ”Gouhou Loli 合法ロリ” which translates to ”Legal Lolita”. Marina Nagasawa appears regularly on TV shows and in magazines. She’s a gravure idol.

Check out some of these pictures of Marina Nagasawa and a recent interview with her in which she talks about her global fan base. I wonder why so many people are into her…. there’s no doubt Marina and the photographers and modelling agencies play-up to her child-like appearance.

One interesting fact is that Marina is a massive Star Wars fan, She said: ”Yes, my dad was watching episode 2 in the living room, and I was like “This is so good!”, and started borrowing the series at the video rental shop, bought the DVD box, up till now. Now I watch it once a week.”

Marin also said that she wanted to become a Japanese gravure idol after becoming interested in the entertainment industry when she was a child.

She added: ”I was interested in the job of entertainment since before. But I didn’t have much chance to come to Tokyo, and I was the kind of child playing freely outside. I was thinking about what I could do about it when I was in middle school and high school, and that’s when I got scouted by the agency that I’m in right now. Then, they asked me. There’s an idol group called ‘Houkago Princess’, but are you interested? and I decided to join thinking that it was a good opportunity.”

Here are a few more pictures of Marina Nagasawa…

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