Manhole cover explodes catapulting delivery woman 10ft in the air

This is the shocking moment a delivery woman was catapulted 10ft high into the air after riding over an exploding manhole cover.

Rateeanothai Lhomwandee, 22, was travelling along the road when she passed over the faulty drain in Lampang, northern Thailand yesterday (26/12) afternoon.

But at the exact time she rode across the metal cover, a build up of gases from inside the sewer caused the lid to blow open.

The rider was flung 10ft in the air and landed on her backside, while her motorcycle somersaulted several times before crashing down beside her.

Miraculously, Rateeanothai was not seriously hurt and only suffered a cut on her chin and other bruises. A second rider was also knocked over but not hurt.

Police Major General Anucha Auamcharoen investigated the scene and said the local authority overseeing this drain should take responsibility.

He said: “From our initial investigation, we believe this was a gas explosion caused by pressure from inside the sewer.  

”We have identified the authority who is responsible for this.

“We will question the bystanders and contact this authority to discuss the problem and request they compensate the victim.”

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