Man Seen Straddling Escalator Hand Rail

This is the bizarre moment a commuter was seen straddling an escalator arm rest as it rubbed against his CROTCH.

Onlookers noticed the man in the unusual position at a shopping mall in the Xinyi District of Taipei, Taiwan, on October 6 at 3.30pm.

He was filmed laying face down against the moving hand rail with his legs either side.

Shoppers floated past him with bemused look and after a couple of minutes he climbed off and continued walking up the steps.

Sports car dealer Lai Wei, who captured the strange situation, said be believes the man was using the public equipment for sexual thrills.

He said: ”The escalator connects the basement to the first floor. The man in the green shirt was laying on the handrail for no apparent reason.

”The arm rest was moving and we suspect he was using the friction to rub against his crotch.

”After the video ends, he carried on walking up the stairs and he was touching his crotch again, like a teenage boy playing with something in his pants.”

The incident of alleged sexual perversion sparked repulsion and amusement on social media.

Wen Tseng said: ”Ewww, that’s super sick. I don’t want to touch the arm rest again after seeing this. It’s disgusting.”

Huang Wen added: ”Some people are so strange. I’ve never heard of an escalator fetish before.”

Wang Wei said: ”Perverts are getting worse. I hope he cleaned it afterwards.”

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