Man Jumps In River To Rescue Drowning Dog

This is the incredible moment a brave passerby risks his life by diving into a raging river to rescue a drowning dog.

Motorist, Khun Boontavee Moonsri, 52, spotted the missing pooch floating in the muddy water after monsoons in Phayao Province.

He pulled over and stripped to his underpants, racing down the steep bank before plunging into the fast-flowing Phee river to swim over to the stranded mutt.

Dramatic footage shows him get swept away by the current as the dog’s head starts to fall below the water.

But Boontavee grabs hold of a fallen tree and calls over the dog, who paddles over before being pulled under the fast-flowing river with exhaustion.

Eventually Khun Boontavee was able to swim with the dog back to the river bank and clamber out of the water, before the dog was reunited with its owner in the Chiang Muan district.

He said he was driving by at 10am and saw a group of people on the bridge and stopped to see what had happened.

He said: ‘I didn’t think anything at that moment but just to save the dog’s life.

”I tried to swim closer to the dog and at the same time shouted for it to come near. I shouted several times before the dog agreed to swim closer to me.”

Passer-by Nak Nutdani, 23, an army soldier who filmed the clip, said: ‘’He’s a very brave man. He held the dog and swam back to the side of the river.

‘’We think the dog had escaped or ran away then fell into the river. It’s lucky there was someone there to help it. People were just walking by and saw the dog.

‘’The dog has been given back to the owner now. They’re happy to see him again.’’

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